By Barbara R. Fallon

Many may relate to tapping a brother-in-law or cousin to provide a professional service simply because they are related – not necessarily based on competency or quality. That’s definitely not the case for clients of Americanna Laboratories, a pharmaceutical grade laboratory performing advanced analytical testing on all hemp and CBD products.

One client, Sawgrass Nutra Labs in Jacksonville, a contract supplements manufacturer of custom blend supplements, vitamins, nutraceuticals, and the latest hemp-derived CBD supplement formulations utilizes Americanna for 3rd party testing. According to Sawgrass Founder Scott Teagle, an unbiased ‘outside’ audit ensures that what is on the label is actually inside the product for their clients and end users. 

“We initially connected as a client of Americanna for their reputation and proximity, but the ensuing business relationship grew out of their knowledgeable proactive and responsive approach to our needs,” Teagle said. 

As with any industry, (particularly a newly evolving one such as the cannabis industry) one can find a wide discrepancy in standard operating procedures, however, Sawgrass is cGMP certified (current good manufacturing practise) which sets the bar higher than many. 

“We found that the Americanna team (MD’s, PhD’s, microbiologists, chemists and business entrepreneurs) led by Steven (CEO) and David (COO) Perez, shares our guiding principle to avoid shortcuts or cutting corners in testing methodologies. This ensures reproducible, reliable results to guarantee quality, potency and safety of our customers’ products. We go beyond the required compliance testing and share invoices and analyses with our clients to earn their trust,” he said.

Sawgrass Quality Assurance leader, Amy Ward agreed, “The Perez brothers represent the business and we work in close collaboration with them to share information. In turn, they recognize our commitment to our clients and bring good science to their testing protocols and transparency to business relationships.” 

“For example, Florida’s hemp laws (enacted in January 2020) and regulations have been fluid in their formulation over the past several years, but the communication between the Americanna team and Sawgrass was constant and on-target with an upfront explanation of the why’s and how’s of testing methodologies to keep us up-to date on current thoughts and regulations and the anticipated effect on our business,” she explained.

Americanna Scope 

“We provide comprehensive cannabis testing for potency, homogeneity, microbial contamination, heavy metals, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and pesticides on all forms of cannabis from flowers to oils and tinctures to edibles,” Americanna’s CEO Steven Perez explained. Our clients include cultivators, dispensaries, inhalable formulators, and nutritional and herbal supplement manufacturers around the globe.”

In spite of that pedigree scope, Teagle and Ward claim that the personal communication outreach between the companies makes them feel like they are the sole focus of attention. “Americanna is not only willing to share their expertise but always seek our input and respond to feedback for custom refinement,” Teagle said.

“For example, they recognize that how a report is designed and organized can be helpful to clearly share vital data with clients who may have limited time to digest it. They do not force a one size fits all template on their customers but instead present with the facts that are important to differing audiences to improve transparency and understanding,” Teagle said.

As for the future, Teagle sees a continued evolution of hemp laws in the state of Florida and beyond. “Based on the value of our collaborative relationship to date, I would never hesitate to request changes or additions to our cannabinoid testing panel to keep us on the front edge of product quality, safety and compliance,” he said.

Americanna is a DEA registered lab and achieved ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation, the world’s highest level of quality standards and the foundation of good science in testing laboratories.

“I am convinced that Americanna’s quest for application of scientific data tops their list of business guidelines; but, when you are sitting across the table from the Perez brothers, you often forget that you are not their only client! Their timely communication – both proactive and reactive just inspires confidence. Their customer service is ahead of most; and, their comprehension of current and future aspects of cannabis testing regulations – both regionally and nationally – sets them apart from most of their competitors,” Teagle said.

Americanna is a division of ADPEN, and partners with Agilent Technologies, a global leader in patented instrumentation for life sciences. 

 “Our COA delivers clients a premiere testing investment in their brand reputation,” David Perez commented, “and an assurance of quality product for the end user.”

 Americanna Labs employs knowledgeable chemists and technicians who utilize state-of-the-art technology and equipment to certify potency, safety, purity and cleanliness of regulated cannabis products and insures homogeneity and efficacy of product dosage. The result is a certified end-product free of contaminants, including pesticides, microbiological agents, chemicals and heavy metals. 

With a commitment to a global client base they maintain a continually updated knowledge base of rules and regulations which vary from state to state and country to country. As a pharma-grade laboratory with review and approvals from a full range of agencies, clients are assured that quality systems are in place at the highest levels.

“We have partnered with scientific agencies within the industry and validated our methods with peers presenting white papers and webinars to help standardize methods within the industry,” Steven Perez noted, and will pursue all avenues for research and delivery of information to our clients. 

For more information, visit or call (904) 549-5948.