Canna Closet. It’s not your grandmother’s Tupperware party. No, if you go to a Canna Closet in home party, you will not be viewing new offerings of plastic kitchenware or trying on the latest fashion jewelry. Instead, you will become educated about cannabis and have the opportunity to purchase products that can be used in its consumption.

Stacy Thompson, CEO of Canna Closet, started the company 2-1/2 years ago with the idea of having in-house parties like, well, like Tupperware. She is setting up consultants nationwide with the purpose of building teams and having parties. “Our consultants are sharing our parties, sharing the opportunity and getting others to join, and we’ve been growing and selling across the country. Right now we’re still pre-launch, we’re getting ready for a launch in January, so we’re just gathering founder levels and getting people trained.”

Thompson’s vision behind all of this is to open up the conversation about cannabis in the living room. “We want to educate people. I want us to be able to work with different dispensaries so that consumers will be going in as educated consumers, and will be able to spend less time having to ask all the questions that are asked by new consumers every day.” She continued by saying they want to educate people so that when they do go and make their purchases at dispensaries, they know what they’re going in for, they know what concentrates are and what oils are and how you use them, and they know what vaping is and smoking, and the difference. “If we do all of that education in the home, when people do go to make their purchases, they will definitely be more educated.”

Following this instruction at the home gatherings, Thompson said people have the opportunity to purchase different items. “We don’t sell the cannabis at the parties, but we do educate people and open up the conversation about it. We are training our consultants about the basics of the plants and consumption, and different ways to consume it, and then we sell the ancillary products – the pens or different smoking apparatus that they could use to consume the cannabis.”

She added that the discussions do not just center on medical marijuana. “No – although we educate people as to why, if they have their medical card, THC might be helpful for them. It can help alleviate pain, it takes away anxiety. So there’s a benefit to using THC products if you understand how to use them.”

However, some people are using the product just for relaxation. She explained it might be somebody who used to enjoy having a drink in the evening, but realizes that alcohol is not serving them well any more. “We help them understood that using cannabis in the evening can give you just as much enjoyment and relaxation as a bottle of wine. We help them understand it is a safe alternative to other recreational things that may not be serving them any more. I have a lot of friends, and alcohol doesn’t play a role in our world any more, and we don’t want it to. But yet we can still enjoy an evening of relaxation and friendship with smoking.”

Thompson said the response to the parties so far has been “fantastic,” and if people are interested in signing up they can go to the website. The company has consultants in Florida and in other places around the country, and she said “what we’re doing right now is building our reach and our founders, so when January comes, our plan is to have hundreds of people ready to go at that time.

“It’s really exciting to be able to start breaking the stigma of the plant and having people understand the true benefits of it. So many people think it’s such a bad thing, but when you understand the true purpose of the plant – when you understand how it works and what it does, the endocannabinoid system and all of that – it’s hard to have that stigma of the plant any longer.”

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