What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space?

There are just so many … where to start. In the state of Florida patients currently have the ability to source a safe and natural treatment plan for a wide variety of the ailments. Traditionally within the healthcare system patients are forced to let their physicians set the direction and pace of their treatment plan. The medical cannabis program in Florida allows the patient to take the driver’s seat and use their doses on an as-needed basis, without concern of heinous side effects, liver damage, and the need to taper off medications. To be honest the fact that there is another option on the table to increase quality of life for anyone is benefit enough for me to support it.

What motivates you to be a part of the Cannabis industry?

Five years ago on June 9th, I was fortunate enough to receive a donor organ in the form of a heart transplant at Florida Hospital Orlando. I had previously been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and was already implanted with a LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) heart pump that had me on borrowed time. After my recovery I was left with a slew of medications with corresponding side effects that left me unable to work. It was medical cannabis in tandem with significantly less pharmaceutical medications to return to the Workforce and feel like myself again. I found it only fitting to work for the company I bought my first cannabis product from – Trulieve.

What field are you in within the Cannabis space?

You might say I’m in the same field as anyone and everyone that works within this space. Education! Every person that holds a job within the cannabis community is charged, in some way, with the task of re-educating the Florida population and undoing the misinformation that has been presented and unfortunately accepted. Specifically I coordinate events statewide for Trulieve. My duties range from educating physicians to offering opportunities for Florida residents to become patients at unique venues like charity 5K’s and concerts. You would be absolutely shocked to find out that the vast majority of Florida’s residence are either unaware of Florida’s thriving cannabis program or are misinformed on how it works.

How can people in Florida benefit from the company you represent?

Currently Trulieve offers the largest selection of products in Florida. Patients that choose Trulieve as their dispensary of choice can be afforded the ability to shop for strains and methods of administration that fit their specific needs. We really do have something for everyone. With the help that the call center provides, the exceptional customer service, and Florida’s only cannabis return policy Trulieve has been able to lead the way since the beginning and I don’t see these values ever changing. And yes I did say cannabis return policy look it up it’s a real thing. Finding the right product for each individual can be tough, I know it was for me. Knowing that my cannabis provider is as invested as I am in finding something that works is hard to come by in the medical field. I myself am very thankful that companies like this exist.

How did you get started within the Cannabis industry? 

I got started with a simple application. I applied online just like any other job. This industry holds all kinds of jobs just like any other. Accountants, project managers, inventory specialist, analyst … the list goes on and on. You don’t have to be a medical marijuana patient to work in this field but it doesn’t hurt.

Are you personally a MJ card holder? 

Absolutely, without this medicine available to me I would not be able to live the life that I live – be the father and husband that I am, or do the job that I do. With the way that the state laws are written I don’t see a reason not to have your medical card if Cannabis is part of your everyday life. 

Do you see Florida moving forward with recreational Marijuana/Cannabis and how will that affect your business? 

Responsible adult use in Florida is a novel idea but it is not where my eyes are focused. I look toward the future of federal rescheduling. After cannabis is placed in its proper classification we can really research and study this plant as a medicine and see how far it can take us.