Camilo Cuartas

Camilo Cuartas is Executive Director for Sunshine NORML

What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space?

The freedom from pharmaceutical dependency. Able to alleviate so many different ailments that we have suffered from having a cannabinoid deficiency. Feed the body health. 

What motivates you to be a part of the Cannabis Industry?

I love helping people and also sharing information about how to infuse your everyday meals with cannabis. 

What field are you in within the Cannabis space?

I’m a cannabis chef and advocate. 

How can people in Florida benefit from the company you represent?

Not everyone is able to inhale their medication, so I offer the education to help patients infuse their foods with either medical marijuana or hemp. 

How did you get started within the cannabis industry?

My daughter inspired me to investigate and research about cannabis. I did it for her and to help cope with gastroparesis.

Are you personally a MJ card holder? 


Do you see Florida moving forward with recreational Marijuana/Cannabis and how will that affect your business? 

I have full hope that Florida and the rest of the Country will become adult recreational and create a new space in the daily food consumption of infused meals with cannabis.