What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space?

The benefits I see for patients throughout Florida is having access to adjunct or alternative therapies to address common symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia vs. constantly relying on prescription meds that have a host of undesirable side effects when used over time. Opioid/Fentanyl addiction has shattered families across our country, but with cannabis-derived products, especially those that are derived from hemp, there are no psychoactive effects, and the potential for addictions practically non-existent. 

What motivates you to be a part of the cannabis Industry? 

There are different aspects of this industry that motivate me. For one, all the misinformation out there motivates me because we have the awesome responsibility of properly educating the public and our customers about the truths of Cannabis Sativa L. When a person knows the real story and history of cannabis (marijuana and hemp) in the United States, the support and acceptance for the plants are overwhelming. 

What field are you in within the cannabis space? 

PūrWell is a vertically integrated hemp company that works with healthcare professionals to formulate products that address symptoms of specific disease states, and we market our products exclusively through healthcare and medical professionals, which allows them to introduce their patients to premium organic products that many are already using, while providing practitioners with another way to build revenue in their practices. 

How can people in Florida benefit from the company you represent? 

Our products are designed to help people address symptoms related to the four main physical/emotional conditions: 1) Chronic Pain 2) Anxiety 3) Insomnia and 4) Depression, so if they are experiencing any of these or other types of symptoms, there is the potential that our product may help to alleviate and reduce some of those symptoms. Moreover, people who may be looking for the benefits of marijuana without the “high” can confidently use our products with no psychoactive effects (unless it is Pūr8, our Delta-8 THC branded products.) Also, people are becoming more concerned about products made with GMOs, artificial sugars, and coloring etc. … but at PūrWell, we use all natural ingredients. Our products are manufactured in GMP certified labs from USDA certified organic industrial hemp. Our products are non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher certified, and all our products are 3rd party lab-tested for potency and safety. 

How did you get started within the cannabis industry? 

I learned about CBD from a friend of mine that uses marijuana regularly. I had been asymptomatic for 17 years all the while having spinal stenosis and herniated/bulging discs in my spine. One day about 7 years ago, the symptoms presented themselves for the first time and it was AWFUL. I was in so much pain I quickly realized how people can get hooked on pain pills and other detrimental substances. My friend who uses marijuana regularly suggested I try “CBD.” I said to him, “what the heck is CBD?” and his answer is the reason I am where I am today. He said, “it is part of the marijuana plant, but it doesn’t get you high.” That one statement intrigued me so much I responded and said, “how does it NOT get you high?!” and his brilliant response was “Just Google it!” So, I did, and the rest is history!

Are you personally a MJ card holder? 

Yes, I have been a proud card holder for 2 years.

Do you see Florida moving forward with recreational Marijuana/cannabis and how will that affect your business

I see Florida and the entire country moving forward with recreational cannabis laws, and I think it will only make our hemp business and our Sales Consultants more relevant and valuable because people are going to be exposed to marijuana around every other corner and they are going to want to get accurate information and answers about what the difference between marijuana and hemp is and what products would benefit them most. I honestly think most of the senior citizens will lean toward hemp-derived products over medical marijuana, and PūrWell will be ready to educate medical professionals and the public about the beneficial properties of cannabis (marijuana and hemp).