Jackie Rothman

By Daniel Casciato

Founded in 2016, DocMJ has more than 45 doctors in 29 locations throughout Florida. DocMJ is Florida’s largest and most experienced medical cannabis physician’s practice. 

“We have proudly performed well over 175,000 patient visits,” says Jackie Rothman, Chief Operating Officer for the Florida-based practice. “At DocMJ, we strive to provide patients with compassionate care, direct access to medical cannabis recommendations and an all around complete health and wellness experience.”

DocMJ started as a small group of physicians who saw the need for patients to have compassionate, affordable, direct patient access to medical cannabis.

While there are other similar practices that offer patient evaluations for medical marijuana, DocMJ distinguishes itself by being the largest group of cannabis doctors, with a diverse variety of specialties. This allows them to address each individual patient’s conditions and needs.

“At DocMJ, we are proud to offer patients world-class care at an affordable price,” says Rothman. “We allow our patients to select from one of two payments options: paid in full or in easy monthly payments.” 

Both payment plans include renewals every 70 days, up to the State maximum of 7 months, and are all-inclusive and have no hidden fees. 

“We offer a money-back guarantee if the patient does not receive a recommendation, as well as discounts for veterans, first responders, industry workers and pediatric patients,” she says. “In addition, we have more locations and more doctors than any practice in the state, so we are able to offer convenient appointments, including same day, early morning, late night and weekend appointments at many locations. Our physicians are backed by a large and knowledgeable staff, available 6 days a week, to answer questions and provide support as our patients seek the medicinal benefits of medical cannabis.”

“Medical cannabis can help many patients with a variety of health conditions and associated symptoms,” says Rothman. “Pain, anxiety and difficulty sleeping are common conditions helped by MMJ. We believe there is an endless number of ways people can benefit from medical cannabis. And that this, is just the beginning of their health and wellness journey.”

“One of the biggest misconceptions about cannabis is that the sole purpose of using it is to get “high,” notes Rothman. “While THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis does produce psychoactive effects, many patients aren’t using it to get “high”—they’re using it to get healthy and improve their overall quality of life,” she explains. 

The company’s short term goal is to continue to expand its practice by providing compassionate, convenient, and affordable medical care to patients who seek the benefits of medical cannabis. 

“Our long term goals are to continue to expand the services we offer to meet our patients individualized health care needs and contribute to their complete and total wellness,” says Rothman.

Most recently, to meet its patients needs, DocMJ has started offering online mental health counseling through “DocMJ-Cares.” 

“We have expanded our services by adding convenient and affordable online mental health counseling,” adds Rothman. “Many of our patients suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and related mental health conditions. DocMJ-Cares is a part of our growing effort to provide for our patient’s complete wellness.”

To learn more about DocMJ or to make an appointment, visit www.DocMJ.com or call (888) 908-0143. You can also visit them on Facebook to talk with other patients, physicians or the support team.