After much time and dedication, Global Advanced Botanicals (GAB) is elated to announce the release of their GAB Elite line and their new and innovative water-soluble CBD extract. There are two products that will be featured in the Elite line: 1000 mg CBD oil and 1500 mg CBD oil. The hemp used for the production of both products will be sourced from Oregon. The state of Oregon offers ideal weather and optimal soil conditions that provide some of the purest and strongest hemp plants. 

The difference between the Premium line and the Elite line begins at the point of extraction. GAB Elite products are made from a proprietary blend of 4 different strains of hemp using ethanol extraction. This extraction method has proven to maintain more of the phytonutrients from the hemp plant, resulting in an impressive cannabinoid content and tepene profile. The additional terpenes allow for a more tasteful oil without any artificial additives.

GAB’s water soluble organic whole flower extract is obtained using vegetable glycerin and added cane alcohol. This extraction process allows the hemp flower to remain intact as the cannabinoids and terpenes are separated. This gentle but efficient process causes no destruction of the phytonutrients present in the hemp flower. The result is a pleasantly sweet CBD extract that easily dissolves in liquids. It is a great additive to your morning cup of coffee, tea or preferred beverage.

As always, GAB continues to work diligently in order to offer their patients and clients a natural, organic and medical-grade alternative. Additionally, to preserve the transparency of the company, all of their products will include a QR code on the label. When scanned, this code will pull up a third-party lab test result for each batch produced – these are also made available to consumers at