BOCA RATON, FL, June 19th, 2018 – While many companies are vying to claim the title of being a leader in the hemp industry, one in particular has gotten the lion share of the hemp market in the state of Florida. Hemp & Heal, the pioneer in the global cannabidiol hemp-derived product market based out of Boca Raton, has quickly seen its operations grow through its ecommerce store, with clients from across 50 states showing their preference in their curated, high-end hemp products.

“The World Health Organization, the leading international authority on public health, has recently deemed CBD safe for human consumption, and acknowledged its many beneficial properties and medicinal applications” said Mr. Jonah Bolt, Hemp & Heal Media Representative. “Hemp & Heal is a great proponent of the mass adoption of cannabidiol in treatment plans that address debilitating issues which include, but are not limited to chronic pain; autoimmune disorders, mental health, as well as those specifically related to women’s health. We are proud to receive feedback from our customers who report that Hemp & Heal products have helped improve their quality of life, after struggling long-term with pestering health problems.”

Hemp & Heal participates in the country’s first state-run Agricultural Hemp Pilot Program, which is managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and whose goal is to promote research on the medicinal use of hemp-derived products. As part of the program’s framework, Hemp & Heal works directly with the sole laboratory in the U.S. which is GMP and FDA- approved and legally allowed to extract agricultural hemp for the project’s needs, and thus ensuring, in the process, the quality and potency of its products.

The Hemp & Heal CBD product range includes vaporizer oils; tinctures; edible infusions; crystalline cannabidiol; topical solutions; capsules and vaporizer kits. The company also offers two product starter kits, Starter Kit – Level #1 and Starter Kit – Level #2, which aim to help “to introduce people to the Hemp world of living healthy.”

All Hemp & Heal customers are eligible for a free 15-minute consultation with a Hemp & Heal expert upon making any purchase from the company’s product range. To arrange for a consultation, as well as receive information with regards to hemp, cannabinoids and Hemp & Heal products, all interested parties are encouraged to call the company’s (855) 626-9888 toll- free line, which operates 7 days a week.


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